Congratulations for booking your call!

Hi, I'm Mitch Russo,


First and foremost, I want to congratulate you on booking this quick introductory call with me.


Second, I'd like to mention that you are in very safe hands. My team and I have one goal in mind when it comes to our clients = RESULTS.


Over the years I have worked one-on-one with NFL players, CEOs, and high net worth individuals who were all looking for the same thing; to formulate their pathway to what they want most.


For some it was breaking free of a plateau they’ve been stuck at for years, for others it was a passion to go beyond their existing success and find their way to a more fulfilling business.  


For all of them, they wanted to move forward in a satisfying, life affirming way. And in every case, we get that done in a short period of time.


I look forward to speaking with you on our call, but it’s important you understand:


During our call, I may (or may not) extend an offer to work together. This depends on if I'm certain I can help you and if I believe you are ready.


In order for me to be able to help you, I need to ensure you meet my criteria in the following categories:


1. You have a passion to succeed and you have already had success in business.

2. You are coachable, meaning you will follow instructions and execute.

3. You are a person of integrity, people trust you and you do what you say.


During our call, I'll ask you several questions to make sure we are fit,  If you are, as stated earlier, I may extend an offer. No matter what, you will enjoy the call, it will help you see what’s possible when working with me and you will take away at least one actionable step to move forward.