Hi, I'm Mitch Russo

Our Whole World Just Changed. - Now What? 

Don't Give Up, Pivot Instead! 

This Could Be Your Moment To Create Your Best Future.

With over $35M+ in Revenue, I'll Show You How You Can Blow the Doors off 2019!

Clients and counting...
Tony Robbins
#1 New York Times best-selling author, life and business strategist, philanthropist, entrepreneur and all-around amazing person
“You are a superstar Mitch! Extraordinary job, extremely well done! You demonstrated the power of really listening to the customer without judgment and they often solve their own problem. You are owning it. It would be great if you would consider training others on the team with your skill. It’s a privilege to have you as a partner!”
Total revenue generated
(this is just from my own companies)

My case studies are strong and my methods are proven 

From $0 to $10,000,000
in sales

I started and grew the world's #1 software company in time/billing/accounting (Timeslips Corp) to $10MM in sales

From $5MM to $25,000,000
in sales

I partnered with Tony Robbins & Chet Holmes and created Business Breakthrough Int. As their CEO I took them from 5MM to $25,000,000 in sales

If you haven't yet generated at least $100,000 in sales, this isn't for you.If you have, here is how I work:

My goal is to assist brilliant entrepreneurs to grow their companies to 8 figures.

Barry Gosin 
Founder of Merger Nation
"Mitch helped me go from $0 to $1,000,000 run rate. I was fortunate enough and blessed to have come in contact with Mitch. Over a period of a relatively short period of time, Mitch helped me get clarity on how I could best serve others and utilize the unique skills that I have. If it weren’t for Mitch, Merger Nation might not exist.He has helped me develop and hone my business model. He’s helped me with keeping my mindset focused and oriented in the right direction."
Before partnering, we must answers 3 questions
#1 Is Your Product or Service Valuable?
#2 Are you someone who takes action?
#3 Do you WANT to grow your revenue NOW?

The best way to do this is by investing in my no brainer, 7-week 1-on-1 Acceleration Program.

What you get

Add profitable recurring revenue streams
Find new revenue streams you didn't realize you had

I'll teach you the mindset, strategies and out of the box thinking that you need to accomplish any of the following goals:

Create 8 figure strategic partnerships
Build an unstoppable sales team
Gain clarity about where you are going and a clear vision for your business
Build powerful new coaching programs

This 7-week program will be the most eye-opening experience you've been through, and will help you 10x your investment in new growth.

Get Started

How to add profitable recurring revenue streams

How to create 8 figure strategic partnerships

How to stand out from everyone in your field

How to gain a clear vision about your business

How to build coaching organizations

How to build an unstoppable sales team

$20,000 Guarantee

If at the end up the 7 weeks, you feel as If I didn't deliver 10x value, I will personally broker at least one deal for your business that will generate you TWICE the amount you invest with me


What happens when we finish
our 7-week program?

Once we finish the 7-week business acceleration plan, if we both enjoyed our time together, and if I see potential in you, I may extend an offer to continue our work together so as you scale, you have a high-level mentor by your side.

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